Prepare for winter with a beautiful beanie or freshen up your ponytail with a handmade scrunchie. Compliment your outfit or tote bag with a sweet pin. And maybe go further and match them with some great jewellery. 
Support Deck-Odd Daughter Paper Co.-Crying Out Loud

Affirmation + Reflection Cards

When we need a little encouragement to get through the tough days, our card sets will help you or a loved one get that extra boost to keep going. And what better companion than some chocolate to bring a little more joy to your day? 
Not Today, Bugs - Bug Spray-Slow North-Crying Out Loud

Aromatherapy + Essential Oils

Essential oils to help you through even the toughest of days. Use aromatherapy to relax and unwind, sleep, or for that pick-me-up to help you keep on. 
Hexagon Bubble Pop Fidget Toy - 3 Colours-MMC-Crying Out Loud

Back to School

What could help a little one feel better while at school? Our Back to School collection offers some great gift ideas for them conquer each day at a time. Books, accessories or games that will become great day to day companions.   
Body Wash - Lemongrass-Epic Blend-Crying Out Loud

Bath + shower

Clean and simple body wash and salts to help you unwind after a stressful day. What better way to relax than a scented soak and some self-care?
How Are You, Really?-Jenna Kutcher-Crying Out Loud


From mindfulness to humor to wisdom for life’s toughest moments, we’ve got a unique selection of books that are focused on wellbeing, self-love and care. Embark on a new literary adventure by candlelight, or find the perfect gift for someone in need of reassuring words. 
By Women

By Women

The majority of the brands and books we offer are women-owned or authored. By Women is our collection celebrating these incredible leaders, makers and authors.
'Not Today, Bugs' Mosquito Candle-Slow North-Crying Out Loud

Candles + Accessories

For making your days a little brighter. Whether for cozy warmth on a cool evening, date night by candlelight, or a ritual to honor a loved one, we’ve got the candles for you. Light them up and feel their great energy. 
Care Packages

Care Packages

Introducing Crying Out Loud Care Packages – thoughtfully curated gift boxes to help friends, loved ones, or yourself, honour all of life's moments (including those messier times when you want to show support but don't know what to say – or gift!)

To inquire about custom care packages for a group or corporate team, submit your request and tell us more about your needs here.

Chocolate + sweets

Chocolate + sweets

While it can’t solve all our problems, chocolate can definitely make us feel better on a dark day. So why not indulge and give yourself, or a loved one, a little sweet treat? 
The Freedom Surf Poncho - Terracotta-Tofino Towel Co.-Crying Out Loud


With so much time spent at home and WFH, we love clothes that are comfortable, cozy and versatile. You can also throw on some accessories and create a most awesome Zoom outfit. 
Greeting cards

Greeting cards

Perfect cards, especially for when there is no perfect thing to say. For added warmth, why not add a comforting tea?