Face Mask Refreshing Spray - Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange-Way of Will-Crying Out Loud

Masks + Sanitizer

Should your mask match your outfit? Are the kids keeping their hands clean? This is a collection curated for our “new normal”. A mask tip: use some essential oils to make them smell great and make your day more comfortable. 
Miscarriage Journal-Promptly Journals-Crying Out Loud

Notepads, Journals + Workbooks

Journaling is a great way to untangle all the feelings, and these journals and workbooks are all designed to help you reflect, to explore your thoughts and release them as needed (aka let that sh*t go). For others, sometimes colouring is the answer. 
Tiny Terracotta Kit - Good Luck Clover-Modern Sprout-Crying Out Loud

Plants + Flowers

Learning to take care of a plant, and watching it grow, can be fun and so therapeutic. Add a little green to your home, or find the perfect gift for someone special. 


Our Pride Collection celebrates diversity, inclusion and love, today and every day.
Puzzles + Games

Puzzles + Games

Take a break from screens and spend some tactile time with a puzzle, or connect with your loved ones over a family activity or game. 
Shine Organic Lubricant - 2 oz - Maude - Crying Out Loud

Sexual Wellness

Our mental wellbeing includes intimacy and sexual wellness. Get to know your body, what makes you (or your partner) feel good, and don’t be afraid of pleasure.
Set of 8 Reusable Facial Cloths (Natural)-Slow North-Crying Out Loud


Treat yourself to a DIY spa with our skincare products. Pair it with a soothing bath and wash away the worries of the day. 


Our picks for rest and calm-inducing products that help prepare you and your bedroom for a peaceful night's sleep. To complete your nighttime ritual, add a book or a warming candle.
Sweater Weather Cocktail (or Mocktail) Mix-Camp Craft Cocktails-Crying Out Loud

Tea, Blends + Tinctures

Sometimes a hot cup of tea is all it takes to help slow things down and unwind. Find unique blends and pour yourself a cup of love and care. Throw in a great book for the perfect mix.
B MAT Everyday 4mm - Deep Purple-B Yoga-Crying Out Loud

Yoga Mats

This is your homebased. Choose your favorite, add your perfect props, and start working towards your Zen.