Oh, for Crying Out Loud...

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Oh, for Crying Out Loud...

As it turns out, weathering a global pandemic during your first year in business wasn’t enough of a challenge, so we threw in a trademark issue and cue the rebrand.

In all seriousness, this hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been really really hard. But we are no strangers to life’s unexpected curveballs so we did what our grief journeys have taught us. We let ourselves feel, we mourned our loss, we sat in the mess. Then we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, and got back to work.

The best part? We did it all Crying Out Loud. Owning our feelings and kicking shame to the curb. Because we’ve got a wonderful community of supporters (that’s you!) and a small but mighty business to run. And that’s what really matters. So welcome (again). We are so happy to have you along for this wild and bumpy ride.

Alexie, Janice, Sarah, and Shannon

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