Modern Wellness

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Modern Wellness

#Gratitude. Choose your attitude. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. Be Happy! Peruse the paper goods section of any store and you’ll see a whole slew of beautiful journals and cards that shout these well-intentioned, yet not at all helpful messages at you.  

In the days and weeks after my husband died, I remember trying to buy a journal to fill with my suffocating thoughts of ‘Fuck this’ and ‘I’m so sad I think I might break’ and ‘I hate you for dying on me’.  So many conflicting emotions were in me and I needed to process them. I was standing in the journal section thinking ‘Be Happy’?? ‘#gratitude’??? ‘Choose my attitude and then everything will be better’??? Yah right. I wanted to take that ‘Be Happy’ journal and smash it through the window – that’s how happy I was. 

I wanted to be happy and I was TRYING to be better, but these stupid journals were making me feel like I was failing at grieving. They made me feel like I was failing at getting well. Simply put, they were unhelpful, unrealistic and patronizing. They did not recognize that the work to be well is a never-ending process. They didn’t recognize that this journey to mental wellness is not a straight, linear journey forward. In fact, it is a journey of one step forward, two steps, three steps sideways, and then maybe a long rest before even taking another step at all.  

Your journey to your own wellness doesn’t have to be perfect. It only has to be what is right for you in that moment, on that day. One day that might include a plant-based clean diet and a yoga class. But the next day it might include a Netflix binge session in your coziest clothes, a yummy cup of tea and a whackload of chocolate. And another day it might include getting on top of paying your bills, finally getting caught up on laundry and having coffee with a friend. All of these things are important, healthy and contribute to your own wellness, despite what the wellness industry might be making you feel.  

Here at Lost + Found, our definition of modern wellness includes all of those things. We have been there in those chocolate-fueled trenches with you. We get it. We aren’t perfect either. We are here to help disrupt the image of ‘perfect wellness’ and replace it with one that is realistic, honest and true. We believe that by sharing our stories, listening to others’ stories and being honest about all the feelings we feel, modern wellness can be reshaped and redefined.  Through self care, connection and community we aim to provide first aid for the modern soul with this definition of wellness as our guidepost.  We are so happy you are here.